My amendment is to add more side walks in Maryland because people get killed in the street because we don’t have side walks. The amendment has to pass through the Representatives and then to the senate then to the states and if the states approve it is a law

Woods runner

Looking at the cover of the book I see a boy that looks lost looking for something and I also notice the sky looks like it a green color. And there is a waterfall and it has a mixed colors. According to the text the book is about a boy named Samuel and his
|parents were taken by British soldiers and he is looking for them. I think what’s going to happen is Samuel is going to find his parents a going to get trapped and later escape .

Girl how can fly chapter 20

In the girl how can fly we wound out that DR. HELLION CAN FLY!!?? Crazy right. Well I am here to explain pipers reaction and Dr. helllion reaction. So when piper saw dr helloin flying she was in like a fantasy act and she though it was a flyers reunion. And Dr. hellion reaction was like a sad flashback

Superhero story

My brother and I come from a planet of super villains named blaston my brother had the powers of fire I had the power of ice as we were getting older we developed a new power that was super speed. I said to my brother Joshua ‘’ what should we do when we’re older ? He said back’’we should carry on are parents legacy of concurring planets. Are parents died in a horrible fight against the protractor of earth fire storm. We plan to take him down to avenge our parents. I kahsier and my brother Joshua vowed to bring his head to blaston. My brother said that ‘’ we have to have villain names’’. So we decided to name ourselves the Leon brother.


First we went to take over mars while we was going to mars my brother said to me’’ we had to take out the some of the Martians to concur there world. After we took out some we put through a portal to blaston and put them in a cell. I said to my brother’’ we shall take the rest tomorrow ‘’. While on the way to mars we got hit by a astrod leading us to earth. We hit the sound barrier our ship fell apart.

My little brother Joshua said ‘’ this is where firestorms body lays’’ I said we shall defeat him and bring his head to the council. After we landed we started to ask where they put their bodies after they pass. Finally we got to firestorms body we dug him up and brought him back to life. At first he didn’t notice who we were until we told him. We said to him ‘’ we shall take your head and were not leaving without it. We brought him to the center of the city where every would see. We used our super speed to run up the tallest building. But firestorm used his heat vision to make us fall and that when my brother said” I think we found our last power were indestructible”. Firestorm was surprised he had no choice but to let us bring him to blaston. While we were setting up the portal we noticed a huge monster. Firestorm said we had to release him to help the people of earth. We said” why should we”.

He said” because those people did do anything to you”. My brother kahsier said his right we shall let him defeat this monster. So firestorm used his powers to defeat the monster but he wasn’t strong enough so we decided to help him. While fighting the monster we realized that it came from the planet fireice fireice has a sun that weakens us all are powers go away. My brother and I were too weak to fight. The monster picked us up and threw us luckily firestorm was there to catch us from falling. He had destroyed the monster but he had bowed to us my brother said “ he saved us we shall repay him by letting him go”.


So we let him go while traveling back to our own world we found it being invaded and destroyed it had blew up a wave from the explosion wiped us back to earth. From the blast made a toxic gas that hit my brother and I it gave us the ability of shapeshifting. We decided to use our powers for good and help firestorm to fight evil. We went to find firestorm to pledge our allegiance to fight for Justice against evil.

While we were looking for him we found him fighting another monster that was from a different planet so we helped him. We used our shape shifting powers to turn into cheetahs to reach the monster faster than normal. When we reached the monster we killed it but there was a huge mess to clean up so we just used our fire powers to melt the trash then we used our ice powers to freeze the ash firestorm blew the ice and it went all in the air and became snow. And we all started to play with the snow with the citizens of earth.

Conrand s and pipers big plan

By Kahsier and Joshua

Piper McCloud and Conrad try to make up a plan to escape the institute because they found out that they were brainwashing them. So the next day they started talking about the plan. When they were talking about it Piper wanted to make sure that everybody would escape not just Conrad and her. So they gathered everybody together and told them what Dr.Hellion was planing.

Piper and Conrad told them there plan. Piper told jasper that “We need your invisibility and ice power to freeze the security cameras and get past the guards.While the guards are looking for Jasper we said to Daisy’’ to break into Dr.Hellion’s office so everybody could go through the door. After that Nalen and Ahmed can make a flood then that’s where Jasper comes in. Jasper will freeze the flood and Piper can hold everybody’s hand and drag them across the ice. Conrad can he can give Piper directions to where to go. Once they got to the Ice wall Nalen and Ahmed use there heat wave power to melt the ice wall.

After they got past the wall they noticed that Dr.Hellion and her guards were following her. So Nalen and Ahmed used the power to change the weather to melt the ice Behind them so they can fall in the water. After Dr.Hellion fell in the water they saw that Dr. Hellion that she had a power of her own. And that power was the ability to evolve to a shark when hitting water. When she showed us her shark form she came up to us in a nano second. She almost bit Lily, so Lilly used her telekinesis to make a wall of water and Jasper froze it so couldn’t get past it. Once they were getting away they noticed that Dr.Hellions goons were able to run on water and they were able to catch up with them.

Piper suddenly had the idea that Kimberly used here electricity power to send an electric wave to the flood so they could get electrocuted. Then that’s where Myrtle comes in Myrtle will run in a circle on the water to make a whirlpool to suck them in. They thought they were alone finally but nurse Tole had the power to tell the future. Nurse Tole had a vision of where they were going. Piper and Conrad thought that they wouldn’t be able to hide but then they met someone. That someone was a witch Conrad asked the witch if she could perform
a cloaking spell on them to hide from nurse Tolle.

Nurse Tole knew that someone did a cloaking spell on them. So Piper and Conrad found a place that they can all hide out at. Piper and Myrtle went to see if the coast was clear Myrtle ran and Piper flew. They both scanned the perimeter quickly. When they came back they saw the other super kids were building a shelter with all their powers. Daisy carried the heavy things for the shelter and Myrtle ran around it to tie it up.

It was like a big tree mansion it had a bunch of rooms and a big living room it is like the institute but it has more freedom. The river was there place to wash but they didn’t have any other clothes. So they went into town and took some clothes without asking. The cloaking spleen only lasted a week so by the time it wore off they had to run. They kept running till they gave up but it took a very long time to or them to give up on chasing them. They couldn’t go back to their parents because they might call back to the institute.

100 Word Challenge

the door slammed I knew, That something is wrong  but I left it alone and I went to bed then I heard glass shatter I got up and went downstairs and I not see anything and I said to my self ”I am dreaming ” and I whet back upstairs in to my room. Then I herd a big BANG, on my window at first I ignored it then is got louder and louder and louder than I got up and got my little friend bat then I seen a person at my window then I hit the window as hard as possible.  TO BE COUNTINED

The girl who can fly chapter 10

Piper wooden bird  is special to her because her pa made for her and her ma was very sad once piper had left so the wooden bird is apart of her family. The bird is does not actually says “its going to be ok” but in piper mind it could say that so technically the bird is telling her it is going to be ok.

How to comment

Today I will talk about proper commenting


Give an specicfic nice compliment like on the words that thay use or thier title or something


Add new iniformation like if some one posted on the a specific movie or book that you seen and they missed some information you can add some more


Ask questions that leads to a conversation like if some posts about a bike ask what type of bike that they have.